For Women Victims of Violence and for Women living Difficulties
Non-threatening refuge for women and children victims of domestic violence
Maison d’hébergement Le Rivage de La Baie has for mission to welcome and shelter all women, with or without children, victims of violence or in difficulty in a non-threatening, safe and caring environment. Help women and their children to stop any kind of violence or abuse and ease or eliminate the issues forcing them to leave temporarily or definitely their residence.
Maison d’hébergement Le Rivage accompanies women in their tasks by following their pace. Moreover, the shelter is accessible for reduced mobility women and children.




  • Assistance
  • Aftercare:
  • Group counselling
  • Telephone crisis line/Support services: 24h / 7 days 
  • Advocacy/Prevention and Information:
  • Etc.


Mother and child

  • Individual counselling with mother & child
  • Activities
  • Environment
  • Privileges
  • Mother & children support
  • Prevention and Information


Second Phase Family Shelter

  • Support to women
  • Individual support for mothers and children
  • Residential stability with support services (RSS) for woman without children